Rug decorating with large room size and oversize rugs

large room size rug tabriz rugs oversize carpet

Decorating a room with large size rugs - Room size and Oversize

How do you define a room size rug?

Every room is different in size and shape! So - what is a room size rug? We define all rugs up to 10 x 7 ft as small rugs. Sizes above this size like 10 x 8 ft, 11 x 8 ft, 12 x 9 ft up to 13 x 10 ft are defined as room size carpets. Rugs larger than that are oversize rugs.

What rug size for your room?

Most dining or living rooms are 250 - 350 square feet in average, bedrooms or libraries 150 to 250 square feet. So all these areas can be decorated with a room size rug.  

Antique Spanish Room Size Rug for dining room

Antique Spanish room size rug 8 x 10 ft 

A rug 8 x 10 or 11 ft will perfectly work in a dining room if decorated with a table and 6 to 8 chairs.


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