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      Abadeh persian rugs

      ABADEH PERSIAN RUGS - unique items from the Djoharian Collection

      Abadeh Rugs and Carpets

      What is a Abadeh rug?

      Rugs with the name Abadeh usually come from the town of the same name.

      What are the qualities of Abadeh rugs?

      Rugs from Abadeh are available in many variations, both in terms of pattern and quality. The knot density of the hand-knotted rugs starts at around 100 knots per inch² for simple pieces and reaches up to 300 knots per inch² for finer work. The motifs are usually geometric with a medallion or the so called Zil I Sultan design.

      How much do Abadeh rugs cost?

      A simple wool rug with a low knot density costs less than 200 USD  in the size 5 x 3 ft, a rarely fine piece with hand spun wool and vegetable dyes can well cost over 1500 USD in the same size. The knotting density, the amount of work and the material used are decisive.

      Rugs from Abadeh go well with traditional and modern interiors. The reasons for this are simple: high-quality craftsmanship, fine knotting, fine materials and elaborate designs give Abadeh carpets the exclusive touch.