Isfahan rugs

Isfahan rugs


      Isfahan or Esfahan rugs are among the finest hand knotted carpets made.

      Isfahan rugs have fine wool and silk highlights.

      Most Isfahan rugs have floral designs and a knot-count up to 650 kpsi.

      "Isfahan is half the world". Persian proverb.
      The king of Persian carpets is definitely the Isfahan rug.
      Since the desert oasis of Isfahan was made the capital of the Persian Empire under the Safavid Shahs in 1598, the art of carpet weaving began to flourish there in a quality that had not previously been thought possible.

      Today there are still a few carpet manufacturers whose masterpieces are undoubtedly among the finest carpets in the world. Knot densities of up to 2 million knots, the finest cork wool and Persian silk are processed into colorful unique pieces. Typical of Isfahan carpets is a floral pattern, a lavish choice of colors, detailed motif elaboration and accurate execution of the knotting.