Tibetan Tiger Rugs

Tibetan Tiger Rugs


      Tibetan Tiger Rugs | Hand knotted

      Tiger rugs are an important part of Tibetan culture.

      For centuries, they have been used in monasteries and palaces as seat cushions and to cover columns. The tiger symbolizes the power, strength and power of the ruler. Often these were also used as a seat for meditation by llamas.

      Our collection of high quality Tibetan Tiger carpets is made in Nepal, Kathmandu by excellent weavers. In order to get as close as possible to the look of the antique originals, we looked for old women in small villages who still master the art of hand spinning. This has not been common in the carpet industry in Nepal for several years. The hand spinning gives the wool a certain irregularity in the yarn thickness, which gives this rug its special look. We produce Tibetan tiger carpets in traditional colors as well as in unusual color compositions. Usually 100% hand-spun highland wool from Tibet is used as the top layer, but we also offer Tibetan Tiger carpets in a combination of wool and silk or in 100% silk. The feel is particularly soft and cuddly thanks to the use of the finest materials. The carpet is approx. 12 - 14 mm high.